Wholesale opportunities are available for many products in the 'Door to the Himalayas' range and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements. As many of the products featured are produced in small batches or as individual items we can help you select a fine range of individually hand-crafted items for your collection. Contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Help us support:

Botiya Tribe - Hand Knits and Handloom Products

We have been working with the Botiya Tribe for over 10 years now and as more women have become involved in this hand knitting co operative we are able to offer their products at wholesale. The socks, hats and gloves are extremely popular with the Christmas demand so please do try to place large orders in the first half of the year. Smaller wholesale orders can usually be supplied more immediately upon request. Meditation shawls and Yoga Blankets, scarves and stoles available to order.



Women's Livelihood Projects - Jewelry and accessories

We have for many years been working with 3 Women's Livelihood Projects in Nepal and India. Chhoti Si Asha, Empower Her and Chetana to bring you a lovely range of jewelry and accessories. These NGO's are making huge changes in their local communities providing skills and education, women's health education and when necessary food parcel distribution for the most needy. We encourage you to support this positive change through small wholesale orders.




The Master Craftsmen and Women of Kashmir

We are extremely proud to work with these incredibly talented craftsmen and women. The art of fine hand embroidery is found in every stole we select. Wool, Cashmere and Pure Pashmina collections can be curated at source for you to ensure the very highest quality is supplied.



Tibetans in Exile

With over 100,000 Tibetans living in exile in India we have over the years worked with many small business enterprises, artists and crafts people selecting at source their jewelry and meditation products- meditation  cushions, singing bowls, shawls and jewelry.