Yoga Blanket

Yoga Blanket
Yoga Blanket
Perfect for Savasana
Recommended for Shoulder stands
Sattvic Savasana Blanket

100% wool, Sattvic Savasana Blanket, hand spun hand woven by the Botiya Tribe
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Yoga Blanket

A 100% Wool thick, rustic hand spun, hand woven blanket produced by the Botiya and Khampa people of the Teri Garwhal Himalayas makes a wonderfully warm blanket for those deeply relaxing final Savasana stages of your yoga practise.

Recommended by Yoga teachers, because it is thick and of a rough, non-slip texture making it the  perfect blanket to be folded and placed under the shoulders when coming into the shoulder stand, as it provides an inch lift to avoid placing pressure into the neck.

100% Wool

Size: 240cm x 124cm

Hand wash only

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