Yak Wool Shawl

Yak Wool Shawl
Yak Wool Shawl
Black Yak\'s Wool Blanket
Brown Yak\'s Wool Blanket

Yak Wool Shawl
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Yak Wool Shawl - £75

Up in the mountains of Ladakh and Tibet, Yak herders can be seen roaming the plains with their herds of Yaks. Their milk is used for tea and Yak cheese and their warm woollen coat is collected and spun into yarns used to produce these warm woollen shawls. The applied border is a traditional Himalayan Kullu Valley design.


Size: W100cm w x L200cm

Available in both Grey marl and black.

Hand woven by Kullu farmers from 20% Yak wool and 80% Merino wool