Natural White Pashminas

Natural White Pashminas
Natural White Pashminas
Pure \'Cobweb\'  Pashmina
Pure \'Cobweb\'  Pashmina- Fully Hand embroidered
Pure \'Cobweb\'  Pashmina- Fully Hand embroidered
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The finest hand spun, natural, pure white pashminas
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The Finest Handspun Pure Pashminas

The art of handspinning the finest threads of pure pashmina is being kept alive by ladies in the Vale of Kashmir. Their skills at producing handspun thread as fine as cobwebs is a joy to watch, these threads are then carefully hand loomed to create these pure, fine 'cobweb' pashminas.

Totally natural, no bleaching or dyes are used ensuring that the purest, pashmina combed from the Lena Rama (pashmina) goats of Chantang are presented to you in this collection for 'Door to the Himalayas'. Pashmina fibres are one third finer than cashmere and yet are incredibly warm due to being a hollow fibre filled with lanolin which warms with your skin.

100% Pure Pashmina from Ladakh

Size: W72cm x L202cm




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