Himalayan Wool Blanket

Himalayan Wool Blanket
Himalayan Wool Blanket
Himalayan blanket-Cream
Himalayan blanket-Grey
Botiya Hand Woven Wool Blanket

The ‘Classic’ Hand spun / Hand woven Himalayan Wool Blanket is handmade by the Botiya Tribe in Uttrakhand
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Himalayan Wool Blanket

This Himalayan Wool Blanket is handspun and handwoven by the Botiya Tribe who live high up in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand.

Tucked away deep in the mountains the Botiya and Khampa Tribal people are supplementing their tiny farming incomes by selling handmade blankets to the pilgrims and sadhus on pilgrimage to the source of the Ganges.
‘Door to the Himalayas’ is working with these communities to help promote and sell these very special hand spun/ hand woven blankets, thereby increasing employment opportunities and providing a boost to their low farming incomes. The blankets/ Himalayan mountain shawls are wonderfully warm and have a rather charming rough and rustic feel to them.

100% Wool

Size: 240cm x 124cm

Hand wash only

Available in Creamy white or Grey.

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