Tibetan Handicrafts

Mc Leod Ganj in the North Indian state of Himalachal Pradesh is home to many Tibetans who have fled their homeland to be closer to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In order to provide employment and to preserve the Tibetan culture and traditions a number of training centres and educational institutions have developed.

On behalf of ‘Door to the Himalayas’ Choedon selects a range of products from the many craft stalls in and around McLeod Ganj and from these institutions.

Norbulinka Institute – Set up in 1988 with its mission to preserve and continue Tibetan traditions such as culture, literature and art including carpet making and Thangka painting through the training, education and employment of exiled Tibetans.

Tibetan Handicrafts Centre -  The Tibetan Handicrafts Centre can be found in the centre of McLeod Ganj and is a thriving centre for traditional Tibetan carpet making.  Visit www.tibetanhandicraftcoop.org for further information.

Craft Stalls- With the skills and training gained from these centres of training, small individual enterprises, shops and street vendors spread across McLeod Ganj selling to tourists and pilgrims. Choedon carefully selects the finest hand crafted jewellery and textiles from these craftsmen and women.