Himalayan Singing Bowl
Himalayan Singing Bowl

Singing Bowls create a hauntingly, other worldly sound for use in healing, cleansing and meditation.

Dating back over 2,500 years, they have their roots in the shamanic/animistic religions of the Tibetan/Nepalese border area of the Himalayas.

It is there that metal working artisans perfected the techniques used for making these bowls, using a 12 metal alloy (silver, nickle, copper, zinc, antimony, tin, lead, cobolt, bismuth, arsenic, cadmium and iron)

This mix gives ancient bowls a quality of sound which can not be reproduced today. It is even believed that some ancient bowls included metals taken from meterorites. See singing bowls in the shop.


Singing bowl
Singing bowl demonstration

Meditation Aid – the trance-like calm evoked by the captivating and calming sound of the singing bowls brings about a ‘mindfulness’ of staying in the present moment, a concept of great importance in Buddhism.

Alternative Therapy – for balance and well being, sound and vibrations bring about harmony to a person who is not in balance. It is thought that the the tones produced by singing bowls affects the left brain/ right brain synchronization to bring about balance and well being.

Every Singing bowl in this collection has been carefully selected from a wide range of bowls, ensuring that each singing bowl is hand beaten.

These Singing bowls are beautiful in tone, vibration
and decoration.

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