Hand spinning in Dunda
Hand spinning in Dunda


Away from the tourists, small, rural farming communities are hidden away up dirt tracks, eeking out a living from their animals and from the soil, easily recognizable by their stooped posture and weather worn faces. Life for the majority living in the foothills of the Himalayas is still very much at a subsistence level.

To supplement farming incomes, wool blankets are spun and woven by hand in the villagers' homes and sold to passing pilgrims and sadhus.

These blankets are rustic and simple, warm and comforting, totally natural and environmentally friendly.

'Door to the Himalayas' is working with two villages to bring you these blankets and to establish a regular order that will provide a reliable additional revenue source.

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Each blanket/shawl sold provides a much needed additional income for these farmers.

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In addition, we are also working with small businesses to bring you a range of hand-loom textiles.
The 100% vegetable dyed hand-spun, hand-woven stoles and natural meditation shawls produced by Alam and his team at 'Himalayan Weavers' are helping to provide livelihoods and reintroduce handspinning skills to the villagers of Harsil and Dunda on the Indo-Tibetan border. For more information, click here 'Himalayan Weavers'
Alam is passionate about producing hand-loom textiles,using only the finest fibres and the most natural plant extract dyes.
The quality of raw materials used is reflected by the beauty of each individual item that is lovingly hand-crafted.

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