Working within the principles of Fair Trade

‘Door to the Himalayas’ is a sustainable trade initiative that is working in partnership with small, rural Himalayan communities to bring you the finest range of ethically sourced, individually hand crafted products.

Developing Long Term Sustainable Relationships

Our focus is on building long term sustainable relationships with small producers across the Himalayas. Establishing effective communication based on trust and appreciation of their crafts and a mutual desire to organically grow business to provide opportunities for employment and training and to encourage their children’s education.

Responsible Trading

Helping producers to gain a route to market that is both manageable and viable.
Where possible we try to provide financial support to encourage small business start ups where stock or raw materials are required. We discuss openly the best payment method; in some cases this is a 50% payment up front to cover costs and a speedy payment of balance on delivery to enable them to manage their cash flow efficiently. At times of economic hardship we provide support where needed through orders and donation.

Fair Pricing

When negotiating a price we do so with an understanding of its impact on all producers in the chain. It is important that we find a mutually beneficial price and this is more often than not agreed over a steaming cup of Chai or a Yak butter tea. Dialogue is essential. It is not our intention to make profit at the expense of their livelihoods, but also gaining respect through negotiation is important in most cultures. All products are marketed to the consumer at a Fair Price reflecting the skill and effort of the craftsmen and women involved.

Our Commitment

‘Capital itself is not evil; it is its wrong use that is evil. Capital in some form or other will always be needed’ - Gandhi

‘Door to the Himalayas’ is committed to the principles of Fair Trade and is working with communities and individuals on a Trade not Aid basis.

However, in the course of our travels we meet people who are unable to help themselves and we work directly with NGO'S to provide for the most vulnerable. More information can be found on our FACEBOOK and Instagram pages.