Kashmir – ‘known as paradise on earth’ nestles between China and Pakistan on the north western tip of India. Famous the world over, for its beautiful Pashmina shawls which continue to be hand embroidered by the master craftsmen and women, and for its papier-mache boxes and bangles, every one hand painted with love and devotion.

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Visitors are now returning to Indian administered Kashmir after several troubled years. and are welcomed with open arms and a hot water bottle or kangeree on chilly days!  But, please do check the current situation before travelling. The people of Kashmir are so calm and charming, and take pleasure in sharing their hospitality and cultural heritage. The capital Srinagar is nestled in a valley on the banks of Dal Lake, famous for its house boats and surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush green forests.


 The master craftsmen and women of Kashmir are dedicated to keeping the art of their fingers alive’ as they continue the family tradition of hand embroidery the tradition dates back generations and generations to the time of the Murghal Empire.

The attention to detail, speed and patience required to produce each single item is quite incredible; it can take 3 ½ years and longer to produce a ‘Jamawar’ Pashmina by hand, and as a result these unique shawls are incredibly beautiful,  often being presented as bridal gifts. Pashmina shawls were made famous in Europe in the late 18th century by Marie Amtoinette, Josephine and other prominent aristocrats of the period.

 At ‘Door to the Himalayas’ we work with a select group of master craftsmen to bring you the very finest selection and are happy to discuss your requirements to help you find the perfect one.

For more information about the Master craftsmen and women of Kashmir please see the individual product background pages.


 In addition, a selection of hook work scarves and needle craft shawls, produced mainly by women at home or gathered together in ‘sewing circles’ can be found on our shop pages.

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