• Door to the Himalayas

    Door to the Himalayas

    ...working closely with Himalayan communities and individuals to bring hand crafted products to your door.

  • Fairtrade

    ...working within the principles of Fairtrade

    ..building sustainable partnerships with producers and traders to ensure fair price, encouraging and developing education.

  • handcrafted products

    ... to promote beautiful, handcrafted products

    ...exquisite, luxurious hand embroidered pashminas, simple rustic hand loom blankets, stole and shawls, fine Tibetan jewelery and accessories.

  • produced by small rural communities

    ...produced by small rural communities in the Himalayas

    ... Himalayan Weavers working with communities on the the Indo Tibetan border to re-introduce the art of hand spinning pashmina.

  • embroidery skills

    Celebrating the skills of communities...

    ..master craftsmen from Kashmir whose hand embroidery skills have been passed down through the generations since the Mogul empire.

  • .... throughout the Himalayas

    ..providing a global market place for the isolated communities nestled in the magnificence of the Himalayas

  • Shop now

    Help support Himalayan communities: visit the shop now...

The Botiya Tribe

Hand spinning in Dunda   Away from the tourists, small, rural farming communities are hidden away up dirt tracks, eeking out a living from their animals and from the soil, easily recognizable by their...

The Master Craftsmen of...

The Master Craftsmen of Kashmir Master craftsmen Gulam Hader at work in Srinagar Meeting with the master craftsmen is an honour and a privilege. For seven generations, these families have been...

The Chetana Women's...

Chetana Women's Skill Development Project is a non- profit organisation in Kaski, Nepal, dedicated to providing life changing opportunities through education and skill-development for women and...

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